Kristijan Samaržija is coming from Rijeka.
Over many years Kristijan has been involved in athletics, mtb and road cycling. Some of the 2019/2020 races are: Plitvice half marathon, Krka Ultra Trail 28km, Ljubljana half marathon, Dalmatia Ultra Trail SEA DUT 56km And a lot of road and trail races.



Natasa Bahat is born and raised in Zagreb.

She started running in mid-2019. Trains in the area of Zagreb and Medvednica, and besides running enjoys hiking in the Croatian mountains




Mirna Grubisic is a local runner, born and raised in Zagreb.
He usually runs and trains on Zagreb's most beautiful hill Medvednica and Zagreb parks.
Mirna is also very active and successful in the Canicross discipline with her dog Tai.



Marko Velcic

Running has become part of his daily life and his intention is to run and break boundaries as long as his body allows him.


 Silvija i Neven are from Karlovac and our sports partners Samo Gas. They engage in a variety of adventure activities, such as cycling, hiking, diving and kayaking.


Marko Nesek, is coming from Bjelovar.
He has been actively running for the last 4 years, since the first "Cross hill run" race, which took place in The Cross in 2018.
His favorite stocks are on weekends where he can do longer workouts.


Juliana Lana comes from Zagreb. She started running in 2017, and her best and most trusted racing partner is border collie Borg.


Jasna Hafner from Kutina. She started running for fun back in 2015, when she ran the first 10km road race in Bristol.